Our Projects

Income-producing projects

Solegreen owns approx. 22 installed MW of income-producing projects, approx. 45 MW of projects under construction, and approx. 400 MW of ground-mounted projects at various stages of development.

The income-producing projects owned and managed by the Company are – one mid-size ground-mounted system, approx. 3 mid-size rooftop systems, one mid-size floating system on a water reservoir, and approx. 330 rooftop systems of up to 50 kW nationwide.

Sde Nahum rooftop system
0.8 MW

Hasolelim water reservoir
0.6 MW

Sde Yoav rooftop system
0.8 MW

330 rooftop systems
up to 50 kW

Moran rooftop system
0.7 MW

Sde N. ground-mounted field
3.5 MW


The Company is working to develop projects by locating plots of land, signing agreements with communities, securing sources of financing, and obtaining the regulatory and statutory permits and licenses required for their construction. The construction process involves engaging with construction and maintenance contractors, planning the work, executing the procurement, and the actual construction and management of the project. Upon completion of the project’s construction, the Company arranges for the management, operation and maintenance of the power-generation systems, keeping them in good working order.

Southern Development

Projects in the north of the country are in the early stages of initiation, most of them with a signed agreement with the community.

Northern Development

Projects in the south of the country are in various stages of initiation, most of them with approved BPL