Solegreen is a cutting edge and innovative company which develops and operates solar energy ventures

About us

Solegreen is a publicly-traded company engaged in the set-up, development, planning, construction, management and operation of power generation facilities based on renewable energy.

The Company currently has income-producing assets such as ground-mounted, floating and rooftop photovoltaic systems, generating revenues of approx. NIS 37 million per year

Our vision

An innovative Israeli publicly-traded energy company which specializes in the set-up, construction, operation and acquisition of renewable energy assets in Israel and around the world

An investment platform for the public and institutional bodies for investment in significant renewable energy assets

A company with a long-term investment outlook for shareholders

A company combining an entrepreneurial spirit with technological and financial innovation


Three growth engines

Asset development

By substantial expansion of ground-mounted systems  and development of medium / high voltage facilities, in preparation for upcoming IEC tenders

International operations

In certain markets, by identifying target markets and local partners, and focusing on 2-3 markets outside Israel

Acquisition of income

Producing assets on the basis of acquisitions with market returns and acquisitions of assets with technological/ operational/financial improvement potential.

Our numbers


Projected annual cash flow from project operations


Ground-mounted projects in the south and north of Israel, in megawatts


Projected annual revenue

Our projects

Sde Yoav rooftop system 0.8 MW

Hasolelim water reservoir  0.6 MW

Sde Nahum ground-mounted field  3.5 MW

The Company’s advantages

A controlling shareholder

with extensive experience in the energy and infrastructures markets

An existing publicly-traded platform

providing access to financing, transparency for investors, and solid corporate governance

A prime starting point

a portfolio of existing income-producing assets and projects under development and construction

A leading and professional team

with abundant experience in the field

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