Projects in Italy

Renewable energy in Italy

The leading technologies

58 GW

8th in the world in terms of renewable capacity


Approx. 22 GW


Approx. 21 GW

As early as -2014 Italy reached the European target for 2020 of 17% renewable energies

The market is a developing market in terms of financing, development, construction, and operation, which makes it possible to accelerate penetration of renewable energies in a relatively short time

There are stable and developed regulatory and statutory systems in Italy which allow for the efficient promotion of renewable initiatives

The combination of a developed market with good radiation statistics facilitates competitive LCOE values for solar power systems

The volume of operations in Italy Approx. 270 MW of assets

Acquisition and betterment of income-producing properties

At a volume of approx. 70 MW
(30 plus an option for 40)

Average asset size of approx. 1 MW. All of the first-stage assets (30 MW) have been identified and are in the process of review and acquisition.

Development of future projects

Focus on large ground-mounted projects of various sizes, some of which with integrated storage. The projects will sell power at at market prices on a PPA and/or free market trade basis. The projects are developed in partnership with the local company, with Solegreen as the control holder in the initiative.